The ultimate beginners guide to vaping

Here you will find all the required information and advise needed to help you transition from smoking to vaping.
You will find that pod based systems are the most simple, compact and easy to use devices to help you along your way.

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What you need to know

Whats the best vape device for beginners?

The first and most common question we will get is what is the best vape device for beginners or if you want to quit smoking?

Our answer would be a pod type device which are devices that are small, compact and simple to use. The bigger issue is when we are asked what device would  be the best for you?

As we have seen an influx of these type of devices of the past year due to the amount of people transitioning from smoking to vaping it is a hard one to call, the majority of pod devices on the market at the moment are all based/designed on the same priceable which is a built in battery charged by USB, some have fire buttons when some are self firing and at the top of the device you will find the pod where the e-liquid is stored.

We can start by looking at the overall appearance of the device, you will see from the wide range of devices we stock on the website they do come in all different shapes and sizes along with an array of different colours to choose from. This is nothing to be taken back by as this is something which is down to personal preference, the size of the battery which determines the hours of use before you dispose or recharge and also the amount of e-liquid it holds.

The actual shape of the device is once again a personal choice as this will be determined by what you feel to be comfortable when holding in your hand and the shape of the pod tip when you put it to your lips.

(note: The size of the device can effect the actual capacity/charge of which the battery holds)

Main Pod Systems On The Market Today

Coil replacement, Disposable and Pre-filled Pod Systems

The above devices can be split in to two main categories, re-fill or pre-fill.

Refill or open devices/pods

The refill devices come with either disposable pods so once used and the life of that pod has come to an end they can just be disposed of, or the other will look the same to the disposable but will allow you to change the coil/heating element inside the pod.

You have to be aware that the disposable pods do work out to be a slightly more expensive due to the convenience of being able to just throw the whole pod away and replace with a fresh one. This has also come under some criticism due to the fact of the environmental waste issues.

The actual refiling of the pods is pretty much similar between all pods but with each company giving the fill ports slight little tweaks to improve easiness of filling and to prevent leaking. All devices will come with full breakdown on how to charge, refill and replace pods or coils to make it as straight forward as possible.

Pre-fill or closed devices/pods

The pre-fill come as either a pre-filled pod which can then be inserted in to the a device which is basically the battery section that can be re-charged. Or as a pre-filled all in one disposable device such as the STIG device above with the whole device, pod and battery being disposed of once its life has come to an end.

This will defiantly be the most convenient form of vaping but also the most expensive and once again lots of waste.

The below section of this page will have links to some really good videos explaining the ins and outs of pod devices.

Also follow down the page where we will now explain the different types of e-liquids you will want to use in your new pod device.

Benefits of pod vapes

Simple & easy to use

Smallest mini vape available

Designed for vaping to quit smoking

Low e-liquid consumption

Instantly change flavors

Easy to maintain

Tight draw (comparable to that of a cigarette)


Minimal vapor production

Downsides of pod vapes

Small battery capacity

Limited vapor production

Limited flavour selection

Can be more expensive

Beginners Guide to Pod Vaping Kits video

The two different types of e-liquids for pod devices

Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Nicotine

Nicotine Salts ELiquids

Nicotine Salt eLiquids are made with the natural salt found within tobacco leafs, creating a smoother, less harsh throat hit when vaped. This allows new vapers to use higher Nicotine(usually between 10 or 20mg). … This allows new vapers to use higher Nicotine 

Free Base Nicotine E-liquids

Freebase nicotine, up until recently, was the only type of nicotine available to put into e-juice. People have found it to be enjoyable and satisfying. But freebase nicotine does have its drawbacks such as the fact that nicotine levels cannot be overly increased due to intensely harsh throat hits. This would tend to disappoint those new to vaping because they just couldn’t get the same type of nicotine fix from vaping that they did from smoking.


Best selling devices and e-liquids that can be found on the website below

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